We’re driven by our passion to help people develop the confidence and skills to improve their independence and long-term health and wellbeing. Our approach is fundamental to building trust and achieving positive outcomes.

Rather than doing things ‘to’ or ‘for’ people, we encourage individuals to recognise the expertise they bring to their own life. We gently challenge people to take control of their situation by takingsmall steps. Often, when people recognise and use their strengths to make changes, their confidence and independence grows.

We work alongside people as equals focusing on what they and their families want to achieve. We help people to recognise and use their strengths to reach their goals. We understand this can feel daunting, but we are there to guide people whilst they try new approaches that lead to bigger changes.

Through our work in Stockport, we understand the diverse circumstances of local communities and embrace opportunities to collaborate and strengthen the support offers available. We are committed to working with others to identify and address gaps in services and improve outcomes for people and communities.

We provide a crucial safety net for individuals and families who do not meet the threshold

for statutory services. We help people to build resilience, so they are better equipped for future challenges in their lives. Through our extensive local connections, we help people to link in with other organisations and resources that help them to move forward.

'My Key Worker has drastically changed my life for the better. She has changed the way I view myself. She has given me the confidence to live my life without fear and with the utmost positivity and confidence. It would be true to say that she genuinely saved my life.’

You can find out more about our approach and our work here.

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