The Prevention Alliance

The Prevention Alliance deliver support that enables people in Stockport to improve their confidence, independence, health and wellbeing. We have strong local connections, and work in partnership with local organisations to ensure people can access a diverse range of support options.


Each of the Alliance organisations are firmly committed to person centred, strengths-based approaches to improve the experience and outcomes of people accessing the TPA. Our unique partnership brings diverse skills, resources and expertise that enrich and strengthen the collective TPA offer.

Stockport Support Hub

We are proud to be delivering Stockport Support Hub. The Hub provides a single point of access for adults, families and professionals looking for support services in Stockport. 

Our Hub team guide people to find the right support offers for them. The Hub provides information and advice on a range of support options and help to connect people with other organisations and useful resources. 

You can find out more about Stockport Support Hub here

Your Support

We are delighted to be delivering Your Support in Stockport, we are here for people who are feeling overwhelmed and want to make changes to their lives.

Our dedicated Key Workers provide short-term support (up to 6 months)to help people improve their confidence, independence, and wellbeing. We have strong local connections that enable us to co-ordinate a multi-agency approach where needed and link people into other resources that strengthen their wellbeing.

Our person-led, strengths-based approach focuses on what matters to the individuals and families that we work with. We help people to explore their circumstances, recognise their potential and take steps towards a happier future.

We work closely with the Deaf Community, offering appointments supported by a BSL interpreter and dedicated weekly sessions for the Deaf community.

Your Support is open from 8:30am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.